Automated Push Reporting


Sharing production and operational data internally and with outside partners with automated reporting that is sent via email is easy with PramsX2. This client-driven aspect of PramsX2 consistently and automatically distributes necessary production data to any email address hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or at a customized time-interval. Analysts and operators no longer need to remember which data report to share internally or with partnered stakeholders, nor do they need to remember when to share it. By eliminating tedious and repetitive reporting, PramsX2 increases operational efficiency by providing the capability to automate countless reporting tasks simultaneously.


  • Pinpoint, Extract, and Export Volume Data Automatically
  • Customizable Report Scheduling (Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Automated E-mail Reporting
  • Define specific well lists for partner reporting
  • All reports available in both XLSX and PDF format
  • Use our email server or yours to simplify setup
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