Monthly Production Accounting & Reporting


PramsX2 is the most versatile upstream production accounting and reporting tool available in the oil and gas industry today. The ability to easily and accurately deliver timely internal, partner and regulatory reports is a must for any operator. PramsX2 was designed with the flexibility to interface with endless 3rd party software packages (BOLO Systems, Excalibur, Ares, Wolfpack, OGsys, etc). This creates a software synergy that streamlines data reporting and compels efficiency. AnalystX2 allows the user to efficiently review and finalize monthly production and then provide that information internally and externally. When you are ready to submit your agency reports all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to generate both the official printed copies and EDI files for upload to the agencies.


  • Daily and Monthly Data-Entry Validation
  • Daily and Monthly Production Data Allocation
  • Intuitive Setup, Well Maintenance, and Reporting
  • Customizable Role-Based Permissions
  • Internal/External Compliance Configuration
  • Dynamic Route Management
  • Volumetric Daily Data Capture
  • Multilayered Production Forecasting
  • Equipment Use Analytics
  • Enhanced Oil Ticket Entry with API60 Calculations
  • Built-in Monthly Gas Statement Import Processes
  • Monthly Correction Input Capabilities
  • Regulatory Report Creation Including EDI
  • Seamless 3rd Party Software Integration


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