Data Reporting & Charting


Easily accessible and organized production data is extremely valuable, not just to analysts and pumpers, but also to non-production users such as accountants, marketers, geologists, and reservoir engineers. With PramsX2, and its’ built-in data charting application InsightX2, we’ve implemented the most common information requests from our clients and developed a reporting tool which empowers anyone in the organization with on-demand production data retrieval.

InsightX2 was designed to be efficient, accurate, and customizable. Almost every reporting tool within InsightX2 is able to extract necessary data in less than 3 clicks, a testament to the efficiency of our PramsX2 user interface.


  • Customizable Daily Production Reports with PDF Export
  • Daily Production Data Review, Export and Print
  • Daily Production Graphing for Volumes and Pressures
  • Daily Gauge Reports
  • Daily non-zero Cumulative Production Reports
  • Monthly Production Data Review, Export, and Print
  • Monthly Production Graphing of Volumes and Pressures
  • Active Allocation Relationship Reporting
  • Customizable Dashboard Interface
  • QueryX2—Enhanced SQL Custom Data Retrieval Tool
  • Well-Group Customization


  • DataView

  • Production History

  • Facility Inspection

  • Gauge Reporting

  • Variance Report

  • QueryX2
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