PramsX2—An end-to-end Solution—From Field, to Office, to Agency.

PramsX2 is an end-to-end oil and gas production management software designed to conquer the complex data-management challenges facing today’s oil and gas operators. The ability to rapidly and accurately capture, analyze, and manage production data is vital to the success of every oil and gas operator. At PRAMS we empower our clients with the ability to swiftly capture, analyze, and distribute information with confidence and consistency.

Operators frequently overlook product-management efficiency and revert to unorganized and time-consuming spreadsheets, a factor that too often erodes the operator’s profitability. By simplifying field data capture through single-point data entry, we equip pumpers, engineers, analysts, and operators with the ability to effectively manage what they measure.

The use of an integrated production system simplifies data acquisition and allows everyone in the organization to utilize the production information they need to do their jobs. Anyone can easily see, review and export daily and historical production data using flexible and customizable processes.

Monthly Production Accounting & Reporting

Consistent, accurate, and organized production volumes, dispositions, and allocations are paramount in successful oil and gas operations. PramsX2 offers superior automated in-house, partner, and regulatory reporting—easily managed through an intuitive interface.

Daily Field Data Capture

PRAMS daily data capture interface—PumperX2—was designed by pumpers for pumpers. This field data capture tool seamlessly integrates all necessary daily production data and eliminates spreadsheet redundancies through its’ single-point data entry design.

Reliable Regulatory Reporting

With PramsX2, producing consistently accurate and timely regulatory reports is simple and reliable. PramsX2 has built-in modules that address the unique requirements of each state/agency, simplifying the dynamic regulatory process and streamlining both EDI and paper formats.

Powerful Data Reporting & Charting

Production data is increasingly valuable throughout an oil and gas organization. At PRAMS we believe that each member of an organization should be able to easily access, organize, and utilize production data. With InsightX2—PramX2’s read-only charting and reporting interface—anyone within an organization is able to easily extract necessary data without additional cost or licensing.