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Automated Imports/Exports & SCADA Integeration

Information and data are fluid commodities that can flow easily from place to place if the right infrastructure is in place. The goal of any software system should be to minimize the amount of effort it requires to acquire the data while giving you the answers you need.

We realize that the information you need exists in multiple places and have developed proven processes that allow for the efficient import and export of critical production data using a variety of methods. Our PRAMSscheduler module allows you to define and schedule automated tasks that import or export any data using a variety of methods. Used primarily for the daily acquisition of SCADA data to create daily production records, other built in processes allow for the handling of daily allocations and variance checking.

No system is going to do everything a customer needs right out of the box which is why we also have developed a PRAMScustom module that allows us to easily "plug in" specialized processes that are designed explicitly to meet your special needs.


  • Simple and easy to use interface for defining automated processes.
  • Daily import of a variety of SCADA data formats.
  • Flexible methods to acquire data to be imported and/or exported.
  • Automated daily allocations.
  • Automated daily variance checking and reporting.
  • Easy customization for specialized processes as needed.

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