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Environmental Reporting

The reality of operating in today's business world is that an increasing number of environmental regulations and reporting requirements are taking a greater and greater toll on the oil and gas operator. Besides the financial risk of non-compliance, most organizations still fall back on the "let's just do it in a spreadsheet" way of doing things. The problem with this is that it makes consolidating the data and reports more and more difficult and opens the door to duplicative and erroneous efforts.

From greenhouse gases to VOC emission tracking to groundwater management, your production data is one of the the primary sources of information you should be able to utilize as a basis for meeting these needs. In order to have confidence in the end results you must have confidence in the underlying data. PRAMSplus will give you that confidence.

Over the last few years we have worked with our clients to help meet their specific needs. We do not purport to provide a complete Environmental Management System, but do have experience building solutions that move an organization away from the tedious and manual spreadsheet solutions that usually are developed to meet the immediate need.

In most cases these are custom applications that are integrated into the PRAMSplus system, but in some cases the solution for a specific need is general enough that we merge the application into our core processes.

An example of this is the PRAMSvoc module. A major oil and gas company with approximately a thousand wells in the Denver/Julesberg basin was under tremendous strain to meet the reporting needs mandated by the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division for the tracking of VOC emissions from oil tank batteries. We worked with them to develop and implement a solution that integrated the daily tank volumes and combuster uptimes via SCADA imports and data from PRAMSpumperXL to allow for on demand creation of the necessary reporting required by the state. Once the solution was in place the same reports that took days of manual effort every month can now be generated on demand in seconds.

<< Automated Imports/Exports & SCADA Integration